A Live Virtual Reality experience featuring performers live from
The Performance Corporation’s base in Ireland to audiences in Vancouver.
Presented as part of Boca del Lupo’s LP360

Following it’s presentation at SXSW, The Performance Corporation presented this groundbreaking show Emperor 101 in Canada in 2023. This Virtual Reality theatre production explores the explosion of online conspiracy theories, and the parallel rise of far-right extremism.

This ground-breaking production by The Performance Corporation is at the cutting edge of an emerging crossover between theatre and Virtual Reality.
Emperor 101 immerses you in an alternate world that reflects the mind and motivations of a conspiracy theorist. In a time when the very notion of truth or facts is called into question, the innovative use of VR reflects the multiple realities or bubbles we live in. The piece riffs on influences from ancient mythology to Alice in Wonderland, and asks if rejection of the mainstream is a product of fear, or the ultimate act of self-empowerment in a complex world.

You will be led through a series of interactive environments in Virtual Reality and experience live interaction with performer avatars. Explore the inner life of a high profile conspiracy theorist as she struggles with a personal tragedy that has turned the world upside down.

Audience members were given headsets at The Fishbowl (Vancouver), and watched the performers from Ireland in Virtual Reality.

Performances ran in April 23.

Beta test for at home audience! Watch the show from anywhere in the world! There were two performances for enthusiasts who have their own Quest 2 VR headsets at home.
These two remote access only performances were available to anyone, anywhere in the world on April 20 and April 21 at 12pm PDT.
Ticket buyers for this event must verify they have access to a Quest 2 VR headset at the time of the performance and be able to sideload an app onto their device. Specific instructions and support will be provided for those who purchase tickets.